Asthma vs Eczema

Those illness took their own part on my body since I was young. Both are from 2 type of weather. When its cold, asthma would play the role and so as when weather change.

Since I was 19, I’m using ointment with steroid and only around last year I realized how danger the effects should be. Almost 10 years – silly me! But no turning back, my skin really really depends on this ointment to lessen the itchiness, otherwise it will swallen πŸ˜₯

I am grateful I still able to overcome my own illness – even sometimes I can’t bear the pain.

But, remembering verse from Al-Quran/Hadith, makes me feel better. It’s not appropriate but almost like this ;

“Any difficulties will soon be rewarded a happiness”

“Human will never be tested beyond their capibility”

“Any difficulty / illness is not to burden you, besides it will fade away your sins. Just patience and you’re not in vain”

I love those verse. May I be patience enough to faced these illness.

Oh, If you guys have any traditional remedy to cure (lessen the pain actually), kindly advice – really appreciate it.

Love – zue πŸ™‚


Beloved niece and nephews

I am blessed with 3 nephews and a niece from my brothers and cousins. I love kids and hope they loves me too!

Introducing them start from the older….

My first nephew is Muhammad Izzharith Qha’iem. Born in Aug 7, 2011.


Looks! He holding my hand. πŸ™‚

Second is Nur Azman Dzulkarnain. Born on Aug 20, 2011. Just about 2 weeks after Izzharith.


He is like girl. With his curly hair. So cute!

3rd place goes to Nur Iman Marissa Fareena. Long name huh? πŸ™‚ She is only a girl in this group. Born someday in October, 2011.


Marissa on her 1st birthday. She will cry if I want to hold her. Pegang pun tak boleh! hehe..

And, latest member is Aisy Ziqri. Born 3 months ago.. Still small and using buaian to sleep.. Zzz…


My du’a is always for them. May Allah brings them happiness in life and hereafter. InsyaAllah… Love youuu….

From mommylong with luv. XOXO.


Attacked over Lahad Datu

I am here writing with emotions of sadness and worrying in my heart. Lahad Datu is trespassed by intruder of Philippines. They fight for their right.

My like-owned sister, lived in Army Camp, Sandakan with her husband and cute 1 and a half year little son. Sandakan is 2 hours away from Lahad Datu. Since the attacked, her husband needed to be on call and some of army be sent to Sabah ‘s small island around Semporna.

As told by my sister, emergency siren in army camp frequently hear now. And of course makes her worried, me too. Thus, if anything worst happen, they will be transfer to another temporary camp.

Up till today, 8 policemen was killed on the incident. News also reported that our border is tightly guarded by polices and forces. But our Sabah still under control. Condolences to families of country heroes.

Hope this thing will going back to normal. I believes neither Malaysian nor Philipines loves peace.Β 

To my dearest sister and her little families, we always pray for your safety. We love you. We love Malaysia. Peace no war!


My sister with husband on her son’s 1st birthday.



I wait so longgg for this kind of fascinating!

Me of course with my bff going to Universal Studios Singapore on Christmas Eve. Like usual, the people there like worms – I don’t care instead.

Actually my beloved aunt forbide me to go there on black-out-day. (forbide – sound strict.haha) But me, i don’t even care. As long as they sell the ticket, meaning that no oneΒ  can stop me. Weeee πŸ™‚

Here some tips if you go oversea – make sure your passport expiry date is less than 6 months. I remind myself as well cause on couple of days before this trip, I just forgot my expiry date (passport I mean.hee). Thank god the date is gonna be on 2014. Just sharing πŸ™‚

Day 1 : Dec 24, 2012

Back to the journey, my tix to USS is on Dec 24, so we decided to going down to Johor Bahru a day before. Actually, since my trip to Desaru last Nov, i fell in love with Johor. So we can spend some of our time to walking around in here.

But my bus to JB is old. Like want to roboh anytime. The best part is, my seat is last back of the bus. My seat unable to adjust and sound ‘krekk’ ‘krokk’ when i’m moved my body. Air-cond also not well operated. Need to use newspaper as fan. 😦


We check in at Crystal Crown Hotel. Since this is last minute holiday, we have no choice – our room is executive suite! And what makes me screaming inside is, the rate is more than my house rental per month! Oh.. I can’t help myself to feel how regret I am. (this actually what i felt before step into my room.hehe…)




I love this room!!! The room is so spacious, of

course cosy and what’s really important is its worth my money. The attached bathroom is only separate with glass-wall. Suitable for honeymooners. HeheΒ  πŸ™‚ But have curtain there which is you can pull to close it.

On our first day, we decided to go somewhere. We do some google-search to gain some information about this places. I found out that have walked distance shopping mall just behind our hotel. It’s called – YSL Shopping Centre. And top of the mall is located a hotel with same name.

We bought our dinner at Subway Sandwich – take-away. The mall just like any other. There’s nothing excite me. About less than 1 hour we walking back to hotel.

That night I forced myself to sleep early because tomorrow our bus to Singapore is at 730 am and we have to woke up at 6 am. Zzz…..

Day 2 : Dec 24, 2012

We woke up at 6 and having our breakfast at 630. Fortunately they serve breakfast starting at 6, so we manage to full up our stomach because we need food to restore our energy.Β  πŸ™‚

Around 7, I took a cab to Tune Hotel which is situated at Danga Bay. It takes 10 minutes from our hotel. When we reached the hotel, there is so many people waiting for the buses to Singapore. All of them just like me – too excited to go USS!

The bus take off as scheduled – 730. Before that, the bus driver give some explanation about the journey. Approximately, it takes 45 minutes to 1 hour to get to destination.

We used second link bridge because the driver said if used the other bridge, might be we will face a traffic jam. Since this is my first time, I felt little bit impressed how close Malaysia with this neighbourhood country. I think the bridge is quarter than Penang Bridge – or half of that. So close.

Around estimated time, we reached USS. As predict, ocean of people queued at the entrance. I felt like prepared to go war and really excited. Haha…

This is really love at the first sight!!!


My eyes can’t stop looking around. Amazed of what i’m looking at. The park design. The movies character. All in one. Have many movies and cartoon character here such as Madagascar, Sesame Street, Transformers and many more.

First souvenirs shop that we stop by is Madagascar. The shop is sooo cute. Souvenirs like t-shirt, mug, fridge magnet etc you can find here. The price is reasonable (here is some tips, and practically works for me, please don’t convert to MYR because you will end up buy nothing because currency exchange is quite high. Haha..)

First game that we played is Transformers. When we queued, we exactly don’t know what is the game. Maybe slow train or roller coaster. A queued around 2 hours like my legs want to cabut already. But my patience is worth with this 5 minutes games. It’s a high speed coaster! Oh… My heart beating so fast and I can’t stop screaming! This is 3d so I can’t felt water splashing and hot fire. I am not good in expressing what I felt, but this is really recommended by me. 12 star over 10.Β  πŸ™‚

After that, my 2nd game is The Mummy. A usual, because of didn’t search about the games here, we actually don’t know what kind of game it is. We just queued, and keep waiting. Around 2 hours later, we played the games. This games is more more scarier than before. Indoor roller coaster. Eeeee.. I just can’t remember! 20 star over 10!!

We had our lunch at egyptian-themed restaurant named Oasis Spice Cafe and they served Middle East foods. Its meet our tastebuds. Yummy..


We continued and go to Far Far Away Land and experience 4D fairytale adventure movie of Shrek and Princess Fiona. Really really enjoyed the movie and can feel water splashing when the donkey sneezing. Important things is, I don’t have to wait for 2 hours because the movie can be watch of 500 people at one time.

Time is not enough, plus we are very tired, decided not to play any games and walking around the park. We bought some souviners for ourselves and siblings.

Around 7pm, we went out and go to bus station, located down below the park. Our bus is at 730 and no words can describes how tired we are. And we fall asleep in the bus…

Day 3 : Dec 25, 2012

After check out at 12, we directly to Larkin Bus Station to go back to KL. This experience is really unforgettable and one fine day, I will repeat this adventure. For sure, not on black-out-day. πŸ™‚

Love – zue.