New team in my family – Qhalish!

On May 27 2013, my nephew is coming to real world! His name is Iman Qhalish Faeeq – but i’m not pretty sure about spelling. 😀

Given birth at Sime Darby Medical Centre Subang Jaya, this little boy carried weight 3.42kg with length around 49cm.

I was so happy for this gift from Allah. Wonder when will be my turn. Haha..



My brother with his newborn son.


Au Revoir, Cameron!

I’m going back to KL today! Feel like yesterday just coming here, and now going back already. Time flies so fast.. 😥

While waiting for my bus, treat myself at Starbucks Tanah Rata. Keep avoiding something sweet, afraid I will throw up again. But can’t help myself to get Mocha Frappe. Homaigod! Hope no more like-morning-sickness drama on bus. (dear my head and throat, please be good to me) 😀

I want to thank god for 3 things :

i- He gave me a good-very cold sleep while I was here
ii- I didn’t drive here or else I will stuck on heavy traffic
iii- I received such a good rest


Good Bye sweet Cameron!


Brinchang Night Market

Forgive me, but I’ve no chance to snap even one picture because of toooo many people and really crowded. Sedih betul!

Bought kebab and grilled chicken wings for dinner. Also bought some souvenirs. The temperature drop and cooler than yesterday because rain fell during late afternoon.

Here a picture of what i’ve bought at night market.


Strawberry tea. Strawberry keychain. Strawberry candy. It’s all about strawberry. 😀


Finally, i’m here!

Oh. I can’t believe it. Can’t believe it! I’m here at Cameron Highlands!!

*chicken dance* 😀

Now at hotel room, take some sleep. Safely arrived on this highlands around 1400H. I do not know why this time I experienced discomfort on the journey. My head aches, I vomited in the bus. Really don’t like it. 😦

On the first place, we plan to have a lunch at Marry Brown Tanah Rata. But because of head still dizzy, we changed to take it away. Better have it in hotel. Here is our meal look like. No table, so we had a lunch-on-bed. Haha. 😀


Bought porridge also! Sakit kan, kene makan bubur. 😉

This is a picture from my room. Live in 2 star hotel, probably no beautiful hill view but this also okay isn’t it? 🙂


I will share more soon.