New experience

HI all! it has been so long I didn’t write anything. Actually I don’t know what to write. 🙂

Last week I managed to go to MATTA Fair at PWTC. This is my super duper favorite event ever and I didn’t failed to attended since last 3 years! 😀

Go on last day of event, my focus only to check promotion in Indonesia booth. I am really fall in love with Indonesia and great nice Indonesian. Maybe we still share a same language even different dialects.

I’m planning to go to Lombok. Before this, when I’m heard about Lombok, all negative thoughts come flying my mind. In Malaysia, many cases about men from Lombok seductive and bring Malaysian girl to Lombok to become their wife and they suffering there.

But, what I’m interested to go there not because of their ‘man’, but the place itself. It’s like virgin, untouched and beautiful land. You may check and google the place too!

Ok, enough about my next vacation plan. See my title? 🙂 Actually I got a new exciting job!!

Please pray for me. That’s it.

Love u guys. Till next entry!!