My Best Friend’s Birthday

This is a birthday post (again) haha

My best ever friend, Jaz birthday falls on 3rd November, 3 days after me. So I  need to celebrate as well she celebrate mine. Actually, many years back when our birthday come, we usually go holiday and enjoy our self on our birthday. Last year we go to Desaru, 2 years back we go to Malacca, any many places actually including my favorite Cameron Highlands.

This time supposedly we go to Lombok, but since I got new job and I think it’s not proper to apply leave less than 2 months of working duration. So the planned postpone to December. Please pray for my safety there. Haha.

Attending my aunt’s wed on day time, I reached home around 6 in the evening. After that, we go out and I just want to have a dinner that my best friend never been. So let go to Victoria Station!!!

Victoria Station styled Menu

Victoria Station styled Menu

 Cute right the menu? This is my first time having dinner here, before this I only had a lunch and that is a treat from my Korea boss, so there is no pain to pay. Haha. I really really love the ambiance, with oldies song and all the table setting. Really  great for fine dining and so do Jaz loves the place too!!

Actually I did not manage to buy a cake, and thank god here got a cake.

Moist Choc Cake by VS

Moist Choc Cake by VS


Jaz with her cake – wonder why she look like crying. Haha. Actually not

Grilled lamb cutlets with honey mustard

Grilled lamb cutlets with honey mustard

This is minee! I miss u my meal. :’P

VS signature Black pepper steak

VS signature Black pepper steak

This is Jaz’s meal. Yummy sangat!

Cute isn't it?

Cute isn’t it?


May Allah bless you my dear friend. Happy Birthday!!


On my Birthday

Hi all.

On last 31st October is my birthday. I’m on leave so let’s celebrate!!

Me usually with my very best friend, having a goood lunch at Tony Roma’s Sunway Pyramid. The lunch is so good. I really love it and enjoy it! The ambiance is quiet dark, just like in a club. Haha. Price is reasonable for fine dining. Let’s check below picture!

Tony Roma's

Tony Roma’s



This is my meal. A plate of rice, slice of chicken and fresh vege


Jaz’s meal. BBQ 1/4 chicken with fries and coleslaw


My delicious red velvet cake. Yummy~~~


Me and TR Skull. Weee…

Overall, the food was good. Really have a good time and this place is really good enough for me. After lunch, we watching movie. Of course THOR because he is my dearest boyfriend!!! Haha..


Snap during movie time..

Waaa.. dah tua kan, cepat rasa penat :p

After watch the great movie, we have some ice cream!! Vanilla ice cream by New Zealand Natural.


What a full day.

Thanks to Allah for this great time and experience that I have this day. Me also had a western dinner with Jas, my brother Abangah, her wife Tiniey and their little son aka my beloved nephew, Izzharith. I love them very much!


Alhamdulillah.. 🙂