Adventure in Lombok – Day One

Hi all!

Crystal clear beach and panoramic view are what i’m expected on a Lombok holiday. I am really magnified with all picture that I saw from internet about this beautiful island, and I challenged myself to go there on my own and accompanied by my best friend, Jasz and we planned a holiday on 14 Dec 2013.


                        Done packaging!

Bring together my excited feeling, I boarded an Air Asia flight from LCCT to Angkasa Pura International Airport Lombok after caught 3 hours and 10 minutes flight.


Spot one of the mountain range in Bali, on our flight to Lombok.

Lombok is an island right after Bali but have different between both island. Bali also known as ‘Island of thousand temple’ and Lombok are ‘Island of thousand Mosque’. In Lombok, 90% of population is Muslim and balance is Hindu. It vice versa with Bali.

When we landed, we greeted by Pak Odang Ikram, a tourist guide from Lombok. We are heading to south of the island (airport is in the middle) and we go for Sasak Village Tour. This is traditional village of Lombok and it shows Sasak people living with old traditional styled with very strong bond of families tight to each other.

Their main economy for summer season is as a farmer and they have their own paddy field and some plants corn. If raining season, usually they will sewing songket, a tradition sarong.

After that, we were driven to Kuta Beach, Lombok. Lombok also have their own Kuta, not just Bali! Kuta beach is beautiful with wide view of the beach, especially the beach sand. The sand is different, in round shaped sand. The more you dig, you will found the bigger round shape sand.


              Scenery of Kuta Beach, Lombok.

Later, we checked into The Santosa Villas and Resort Hotel in Senggigi. Located in the north of the island and journey takes around an hour from Kuta Beach. We will stay for 4 days and 3 nights in this beautiful resort hotel.

We had a dinner in The Taman Restaurant, right beside the hotel with a live band. Most restaurant have live band and all served Halal food. No need to worry, it’s easy to find halal food here.


The Taman – food, the band and crowd.

I will continue a second day journey on next entry little soon.

Zue. xoxo