Cameron Highlands!!

Yes!! (again) Please don’t say it! Lol.

On 11 Jan, we decided to go here!!

We take off from KL around 8am and going up to north. Having a breakfast in R&R brought by our own.

Once we already arrived Brinchang, done registration at Copthorne Hotel, also known as Equatorial Hotel. After that, straigth away to Boh Tea Sungei Palas. This is must go place!


Walking up from carpark to Tea Centre.

The weather is soo yummy! Perfect match for my body’s need. Sound weird but this is fact. Haha.

The air is windy and so calm. I really miss this greenery view and love it.

Having a cup of Vanilla Tea and piece of cake for out treat here. The tea is superb but cake is not so tasty.


Arith! He’s crying because of the cake

After that, we go down to check in the hotel. Need some rest. We wanted to go to Night Market, buy surprise cake for my sister in law belated birthday and eat steamboat.


This little family looks very little in this picture.

Check in!


The room is so-so,  Rossa Pasadena still took place in my heart. Since this is a highest hotel in Cameron, the view is the best. I can see the vegetables farm and the house within this area.

Look what we found? Swimming pool! Grrrr..


Haha. Swimming in the pool with cold water is last thing i’m sure that you will thought when you are here. And when me and my brother saw this, first thing accross our mind is swimming!

Take a little nap, we go out around 6pm to night market. Not so crowd at this time but find a parking still have a problem. No picture of night market that I take.

We go down to Tanah Rata. Surprise cake to my sister in law. Happy birthday!! Thank you for take care of my brother and give me a Mommylong title to little Arith.


Have I told u guys that we planned to have steamboat for our dinner, isn’t it? We really craving for that especially Cameron offered many steamboat restaurant. So, our main objective is to find cheap steamboat (normally rm20 for pax) and finally we found the cheapest one. Rm10 per pax! Sounds good right? The nightmare (not so) begin….


This is what we got! All in the set is fish ball and instant seafood flavored ball together with 3 prawns, 3 small cut cuttle fish, kuey teow, meehoon and vegetables is like grass!

Ermmm. All 3 of us keep complaining but my brother so relaxed enjoy the food! That is 1 thing. Okay when we realized that the price is low. The taste of clear soup and tomyam soup is another matter. Better stop here!

We go back to hotel after that. Durian! Oh.. Craving for this pulak. So we planned to search for durian tomorrow.


In front of the hotel. The temperature is looks same as afternoon. Maybe not working.

Good night. Will continue on next entry.

Zue. Xoxo


Baked baked baked!

Hi all!

At this entry I would like to introduce my new interest, such like a hobby and if can, I wish I can make my own extra pocket money!

Here we gooo…


Baking Cakes!!! It’s started for baking cakes on my Aunt’s birthday party.

Above is my first try to make a rainbow cake. The weight around more than half KG’s. No need to worry, the taste is good. Haha. 😀


The same cakes with another view. Screenshot from my lovely cousin at IG.

After that, my close relatives and friends have requested a cakes from me. And this is my challenge!


My second cakes. Red Velvet. This is especially for my uncle, made specially for his birthday.


Moist Chocolate Cake with vanilla cream for my aunt’s feast.


Mocha cake with chocolate cream.


Rainbow cakes 🙂


Rainbow cakes with blue color cream for my aunt’s birthday.

This journey I hope won’t stop here. On February I have an ordered for Chocolate Cake for my friend’s sister engagement and 3 tier wedding cake for my sister in law’s brother wedding. As this is my first experience for engaged and wedding ceremony, I will try my best to bake a delicious cake!

Zue loves Baked. 🙂


A Famosa Trip

On December 7, my best friends’s family celebrated their youngest member’s 1st birthday at A Famosa Resort, Melaka. Though this entry is not updated on time, but I still make it, right? 🙂

Personally, this is my third time getting here. 1st time when I was so young, brought by my parents and second time in 2011, celebrating Jasz’s birthday here.

We safely arrived the resort around 4pm, there is heavy traffic after Senawang due to some road renovation. First activities that we done here is to go to A Famosa Water Theme Park. This is a fun place for kids, also for me!


On our way to theme park. This truck is public transport to the place around the park and you can spot the little birthday boy on blue swimming trunk!


Take one shoot on the pool at the park. I love swimming so much..

After so much enjoyable swimming, we take a rest at the Condotel. We checked in to D’Savoy Condominium and this condo is huge with 3 bedroom.

At night, we go to Cowboy Town, to watch a show and a parade. Here is a parade..


Elephant. You can touch and feed a sugarcane stick to them!


Tall Santa Claus in the house!


Traditional Beca, trademark of Malacca.


The red indian..

After the parade, audience presented by a fireworks as the end of the show.

We go back to the condotel and celebrate the little boy  birthday.


Wake up in the morning and after having breakfast, done by my dearest aunty, I go to swim at condo pool. Even though the weather is cold, with light rain, still stick to the plan 🙂


The pool is unique, piano shaped pool. I unable to take a full shaped picture, just this picture able to capture.


At 10, we go to Safari World, A Famosa. The best thing is – animal show!


Did you see the black creepy animal on the rope? That one if i’m mistaken is wild fox.


Cat show.


After the show, we look around to see animal that petting here. There is camel, goose, pony, emu and many more.

We checked out after 12pm and as we are already here in Malacca, we heading up to Bandar Hilir at the heart of Malacca.


“Kincir Air Kesultanan Melayu Melaka” at Melaka River.

Many walking distance of interest places here. Stadthuy, Jonker walk, Big Ship and many more.

We don’t miss to taste the signature dish in Malacca, Asam Pedas!!


Had a dinner here before go back to Kuala Lumpur.

This is end of the short trip here. My father’s hometown is here and I often go to Malacca when I was a kid. After all, whenever I go to any places, even though just an hour journey, I still enjoy my trip.

To the little boy, Happy Birthday and may Allah swt bless you always.



Lombok – Day 3

Today’s activities is City Tour and we were bring to historical place in Lombok. First place is temple at Lingsar. Located in the heart of Mataram city. The tourist guide shows and tell us a history of religion and how Islam and Hindu religion spread in this island. This place actually for traditional religion ritual and still continue until today. Eventually today held a “Lompar Topat” in the evening.


The way to Pura Lingsar



Local people believe that this water source is holy and will bring luck and grant your wish if you have something to asked for.


The local preparing for the evening event.


One of the entrance at Pura Lingsar. To show respect, if you are not wear a hijab, you need to tie a piece of yellow colored cloth on your waist.

This is such a new experience of us. Although the weather is very hot, we enjoyed our tour. After this we will scheduled for Taman Narmada tour. Also located nearby this place and Taman Narmada is different from Pura Lingsar and this place actually an ancient of location of old government that administrate Lombok long time ago.

This place is location of King’s castle with traditional design of interior. According to our tourist guide, the King have 4 wives and their have separate rooms but located side by side.


Entrance of Taman Narmada.


This place is room for 2 King’s wives and location for King’s view. From here, we will view almost all the place due to this place is high.



The place King and Queen’s take bath.

After all the tour, we go to window shopping. Bought some t-shirt and local dried food for ourself and families.

Tired!! Go back to hotel around 3pm. After a nap, we continue swimming at hotel pool!


Since this is a last night, me and Jasz have a little sad story that we shared while on the pool. We feels that the time flies so fast and we promise to come here again next year. This sharing really bring tears to my eyes. 😥

At the night after dinner, we finished our cash balance and shopping at convenient shop – Indomaret.

Tomorrow our flight will be at 12pm and Pak Odang will pick us up at 9am.

Back to hotel and Zzzz…



Lombok – Day 2

Waking up to a perfectly Lombok sunny morning, we had our first breakfast at the hotel. Day in Lombok start early as the sun rise around 6am. We served by Indonesian and English styled breakfast.

Soooo many people. Eventually Pos Indonesia also held a family day.

At 9, Pak Odang picked us and today our activity is to go to Gili Trawangan!! For info, Lombok or also known as Nusa Tenggara Barat have 3 Gili Island which is Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. 1 of our local newspaper also listed Gili Trawangan as 4rd place of most beautiful island in Asia.

It takes around half an hour to get to the jetty. According to Pak Odang, you can choose whether use speedboat or normal boat to reach the island. As the island is not so far, Pak Odang said that it’s okay to use normal boat and we will enjoy the scenery while on the journey as the boat is open boat.

On our way, we passed by one of the beautiful beach called Malimbu Beach. This beach is very popular and the perfect place to watch sunrise and sunset.

Did u spot the coral? I am really really not believe what I see! It’s really beautiful and magnificent. Oh my God. Mengucap panjang tgk!

With the crystal clear water, you will see the green and blue water. I never see this before. Oh~~

After take some photo, we continue our journey. Around 15 minutes, we reached the jetty.

‘Don’t force yourself to continue the journey, if the weather is bad’. Is it mean that boat still continue the journey if the weather is bad? Oh God…

Most popular public transport used horse – Cidomo.

Boat to the island..

Blue water 🙂

Here we are!!!

At last, we are here! The only transport in this island is bicycle and cidomo (remember?refer above). Meaning to say there is no polution here since no motor vehicle are allowed. Since this island is not so big, it won’t be a problem.

In here, there is many foreign tourist and usually they will stay here at least for 2 weeks. Imagine if I could do the same.. 🙂

Speedboat to Bali.

The obvious two layered colour of water.

Rest place on the beach specially for motel guest.

Turtle Conservation Centre.

Shisha place.

Another perfect picture of beach.

One of restaurant range.

Beach again!

Overall, this beach offer a great pleasure and great experience for beach and diving lover. Since I am not able to swim (better), we decided not to go for snorkelling. But until now I really feel big loss. Haha

On early evening, we have to go back to Lombok, the dark cloud appear as a sign of rain. At this season, rain will fall every day in the evening.

Even though we didn’t enjoy either snorkelling or diving, we still had a great time here. Swimming in the beach is all we do.

Around 4, we already arrived our hotel. Rain still falling and there is no sign that it will stop. After a little nap, we continue to swim under the rain at hotel pool.

Huge pool!! Even it’s rain, we are not the only guest swim here.

Tired but we want all our time here to be full and we wanted to experience all of our time here.

We had a dinner at restaurant right in front of the hotel. Oh, forgot the restaurant name. But the food was really good.

This what I had for my dinner. Tauchu Fish. Yummy!

This is all we done for this day. Sure we have a better sleep and tomorrow will be the city tour.

Wait for next entry ya!