My 2nd favorite holiday place

Hi all!

On this entry, i will share about my recent trip to Langkawi. Am very excited since last time i’m here is on early last year.

Trip begin on 3rd day of Hari Raya dated 30th July. I’m flying with Malindo Air and what makes me nervous is….. I’m on flight alone!! But keep calm, sit back and relax.. Hehe 🙂


This is just small flight and inside looks like Air Asia. Frankly, i’m little afraid and my impression travelling with air is changed after so much incident happened this year. But actually my thought is unreasonable. Any bad thing will still happen no matter what kind of transport you took 🙂

Arrived at Langkawi International Airport around 3pm. Stayed at Pantai Chenang, just in front of beach.


Sunset by the beach. This view is just from my room. How calm isn’t it? And this is the reason why i love beach. Watching sunset slowly is worth while!


I love u much beaches!

There is no activity on my first day. We are just enjoying the beach view and walk around. We only took less than 5 minutes to get to Underwater World Langkawi from chalet.

Having dinner at stall nearby Underwater World. It’s easy to find food here as along Jalan Pantai Chenang, you will found out many stall, fast food plus Chenang Mall just build in this area.

At night, this area still happening. Many tourist found here as this is most popular holiday place in Malaysia.

For me, i chose to stayed in my room after dinner. As I mentioned earlier that my room just in front of beach, I can hear sounds of wave from the beach. The sounds i love the most. Perfect. Like love songs.

This is the end for 1st day.. Zzz

On my 2nd day, after having breakfast, we bought an island hopping package. Rate per person is RM30. Because we are in huge group, we decided to rent a boat for RM250 per hopping with maximum 12 pax. We will be bring to 3 islands which is Pulau Dayang Bunting (Island of Pregnant Maiden), Pulau Singa and Pulau Beras Basah.

After boating less than 15 minutes, we arrived Pulau Dayang Bunting. This place have its own story. From here, you will see hills with pregnant lady shape. Unlucky I didn’t snap a picture. But you may google it!


One of the cave on my way to Pulau Dayang Bunting.

To see the lake area, we have to take a walk around 10 minutes. Climbing to get there is so exhausted. Hehe. But this is priceless when you get to this beautiful place.


While climbing, we found many monkeys here. They afraid with human, but will take any food that you bring along. I’m really shock and surely afraid! Please do not bring any food, if not, these monkeys will just go direct to you and pull your plastics. Once they touch your plastic with food, don’t dream to get it back.


See? 1 of the monkeys that finally get to steal the currypuff from visitors. Share with other monkeys? Definitely no.


Climb up and down and up again and down. So sorry for the blurry image. :p


This is place. Deep clear natural water. You only able to swim here if you able to swim as the water level depth. Have 1 cubicle swimming pool for kids.

Actually this place is cave with natural water in it and like an O shape. Long time ago, the upper cave falls and this place created. How wonderful Allah creation is!

After around 1 hour, we go to next island which is Pulau Singa. This is island of eagles. This is where the eagle lives and normally the tour guide will feed the eagle with chicken to show us the eagle on closer side when the eagle try to get the food on water surface.



Do you see the jetty? Below is close up picture.


Before this, in this island have mini zoo. This jetty is the gate to walk inside the island. The jetty was broken on 2004 because of tsunami and after that, this mini zoo is close. The worker unlock all the animal in zoo and let them live free.

Last destination of island hopping is beach activity at Pulau Beras Basah. This island is 1 of the small island in Langkawi. Just spend an hour here to view the beautiful side of this island. You also able to do beach activities such as Banana Boat, Jet sky and many more.

This is activities that we done for today. Going back around 2pm and rest at chalet.


On my 3rd day, this is my last day. Before check out, our group going for fishing!! Eventually my friend’s father worked with Jabatan Laut then we able to do this activity in Jabatan Laut Langkawi, Tanjong Lembong. Outsider is restricted to enter this area.

Fishing rod :


Below is one of the abandoned and old boat.


Our ferry is at 1.30pm and I go back to Kuala Kedah.

Although this vacation is short, the experience is worth everything.

See you on next entry. My domestic vacation will coming soon… 🙂

Love ya.