Tioman Island

Actually, Penang and Cameron Highlands is the very first place to plan to travel on this short vacation. It’s changed in the blink of eyes to Tioman Island. Influenced by my fav actor recent’s holiday place and Dr Halina’s short family vacation to this island (stalked from their IG. Haha) , lastly I chosed to be here.

Together with my all-time-favorite-buddy Jas and her beloved nephew Azman, we took a road trip down to Mersing by bus from Terminal Bas Selatan (TBS) at Bandar Tasek Selatan. Bus take off on 1130 at night with RM35 one way per person.

Climb up the bus, I was very excited, both of my companies too. The bus is completed by entertainment as well. Wonder why we have to pay extra RM5 as entertainment (shown on bus ticket). Have build in iPad lookalike in front of all bus seat (attached in back of all seat). So, what’s next? Haha. We all busy choose our movie. Jas need to bear with Azman as his choose to watch Despicable Me and continued by Lion King and Tom and Jerry.


It’s not just half way, my eyes can’t stand anymore. Feel dizzy to watch movie in bus, i decided to sleep. Jas also, feeling sleepy but since need to take care of Azman, she not take it much. Azman? He didn’t sleep at all!

We reached Mersing Bus Station safely at 5 am. Jas said, Azman just sleep around 1 hour before we reached! And right now, he looks soo tired and doesn’t want to wake up. We okay with it, but need to carry 3 years old boy that actually looks like 5 years old boy it’s not easy!

Anyway, I just keep carry, walking, carry, pass him to Jas when I can’t walk anymore to take over carrying him and continue walking (god knows how we feel as the Jetty felt soo far from the station even though is actually 5-10 minutes walking distance). Azman still sleeping. Fortunate i love U!

I pick ferry at 9.30 am, journey takes 1 to 2 hours according to ticketing staff. Adult fare is RM70 and child RM60 2 ways. If you go Tioman, is a must to purchase Tioman Conservation Park and Marine Park which is RM5 per ticket.

Schedule on 9.30am but ferry arrived on 10.15 am and its full with passanger for same destination. To Tioman Island, ferry have 5 stops. Kg Genting, Kg Paya, Tekek, Kg Air Batang and Kg Salang. Our location will be the last. If your resort at famously known Tunamaya Resort, you may take a stop at Kg Genting. Berjaya Resort you need to take off at Tekek and same goes if you want to go to Marine Park.


I feel that the journey tooks long time as ferry arrived Kg Genting (first stop) after 2 hours! Maybe we are so tired since last night journey, that’s why we feel bad about it.

Around 1.30pm, we arrived Kg Salang. Finally! Our mind set that we have to check in right away as I already booked the room at Salang Indah Resort.

So after get the key, we need to find our room. Walking and searching, at last we made it. From outside, it’s look very okay but when we are inside….

RM 120 per night for triple room, we shocked! What is this??? Tidakkkk!!!

First of all, i’m not very particular about room type as i’m budjet person and this is budjet holiday and never ever thought to have a good hotel style chalet, but to have the room with sticky floor, air cond without cover ( i thought it’s not work), broken make up table and much much more inconvenience really pissed me off.

To go for long journey plus super duper exhausted, i will get this? o.O
Sorry to say, Pangkor chalet is much better. At least have TV,  the room is clean, served RO water and iron. Another annoying thing, you will get the towel if only you pay for deposit. Sigh…



Oh please.. There’s nothing to steal here ok!

The one who truly happy is Azman. It’s okay son, enjoy this moment. 🙂

Feels hungry, we ate our lunch at Salang Indah Restaurant. After that, bought some very-delicious keropok lekor and walking back to the room. Take a nap and only after dawn, we wake up. So tired.

Having dinner at Mini White House Restaurant. This restaurant served freshly grilled BBQ seafood with reasonable price. You will get freshly grilled BBQ prawn, squid and crab, 2 rice, 1 tomyam, 1 mixed vegetable with only RM70 for 2 person. Having dinner with the sound of beach is worthwhile.

There is nothing we really do on the first day. Continue on next entry..

Love never least,