Bali 2015 Pt 5

Wednesday, 4th Nov 2015

8.30 am

We woke up as the ray of suns light our room. I thought to get more sleep, furthermore I’ve done all the packing. Take a quick bath and straight to the hotel cafe. Today we have an A la Cart breakfast and offered few variety of choices. We all go for International Breakfast.

We had coffee/tea, orange juice, scramble egg/omelette, saute tomatoes with potatoes, 2 toast with butter and strawberry jam and sausage.


Pak Dani had been informed earlier to pick us after we check out at 12. After breakfast, we go back to the room and take some nap.

Suris Boutique Hotel
Location : Jln Blambangan. 15 min to Kuta Beach
Room rate per night : 400,000idr

This hotel is the best. We opted for Standard Room but due full house, we are given Connecting Room that worth double the price!

There is nothing that we are not satisfied for this hotel. From the staff to the room and facilities, they work hard to make our stay more pleasant.

The place was cozy, pool open till 10 pm. Because I’m too tired, I forget to take a picture of the room. But actually you guys can check from the website. What you see is what you get.

Notice for cancellation of flight

The night before, I watched news that Ngurah Rai Airport has been closed for operation. Mount Barujari, the small volcano near Mount Rinjani in Lombok produce a volcanic ash. But later in the evening, the airport resume back to normal.

“Hope that when we go back tomorrow, our flight ease. This is creepy guys”, said Jas to us.

Actually we are not so excited to flees back but this not mean that we want to extend our holidays. I woke up and get the jaw dropped text!


This is not okay! We have little money left and this is just enough for food and not for accommodation.

“It’s okay. We check out the hotel and we ask Pak to sent us to airport as planned”

“Might be we can straight away to the airlines customer service to check what they can do and figure out this matter”

But first of all, I email the airlines as they give 2 option which is reschedule or refund. Refund? No way!

Ngurah Rai International Airport


As we arrived, I saw long queue. But I walked away to get the flight schedule board. Airport has been closed and no one can enter the departure hall.

Many tourists go back and forth in the airport and I know what they feel. This is very unpleasant and there is no signboard to where need we go for help.


Then we saw Air Asia desk. We asked the status for we get constantly panic.

“Please get yourself queue here…” the staff with Indonesian accent pointing us to long queue that approx to be more than hundred people.

“…and you will get to the counter. You may reschedule or cancel the flight”, continue the staff.

In no time, we started to line up.

5.00 pm

At last we reached our turn. I saw many people return from the counter with sad faces.

Jasz give body language to 2 couple that just passed the counter and both of them that we certain will flees back to KL knew what we want to ask.

“Reschedule. It changed to Friday 5pm”, they said without any question.

That was a long gap between us and if they schedule at 5pm, what about us?

Our eyes keep on the counter and check whether is there any counter that done while waiting our turn. When we saw the staff hands up at us, we push the trolley over.

The staff asked our booking details and passport. We give it and few minutes later, she inform,”Due to volcano activity, we have to cancel the flight and change the date. It will be on Friday, 7.45pm”

We nodded. Agreed even deep down inside, we are very upset. Where we’ll going to stay? Is our money enough to go through another 2 days?

Razif suggested to ring back Pak Supir. Pak had told us that he can find the cheap and cozy hotel when he dropped us this afternoon.

“He said to book The Tirtha Inn Kubu Anyar”, tell Razif.

We go direct to site. Found it! For 2 standard room for 2 nights, the rate is 620,000idr. Around RM50 per night.

6.00 pm

Bapak pick us up. Directly to the hotel. When we arrived , I saw the front of the hotel lobby was not tidy . They do construction work of swimming pool and too severe . The entrance to the hotel is too small, construction sand lying around outside the hotel area and the staff is not friendly at all.

Due to this, the hotel looks very messy. The location is in front of local houses. I just calm myself for this only 2 nights stay.

I open the door of the room . It’s like a normal without any other facility. In this room , there is one room as a kitchen and there is a sink . The bathroom inside the room with kitchen. The soap dispenser was dirty , and Jasz thought me not to use the soap provided for we do not know maybe that is an old soap.

For this room, I have no feels to take a picture. But believe me, the picture you guys see in the website is far nice than what we saw.

7.00 pm

We take a walk out of the place to find a dinner. We just keep walking as we have no idea the place is. Then we saw the “Beach” handwriting signboard to the left.

“Should we go this way?”, asked Adik. Eventually we met local guy that walk towards us and asked,”Is this the right way to the beach?”. He shook his head.

“This is path to the hotel only”

Then we resume to walk. We find Waterbom Bali in the back road. We are too exhausted as we can’t find the way as well.

2km after that, we found the road that the Mc Donalds located. At last we found the road that we recognize. We get in to the KFC.

This isn’t like a normal KFC that we had in Malaysia. They only served chicken with rice. No coleslaw, no whipped potatoes or even cheesy wedges.

We walked out. “So how do you think?”, one of us ask.

“Better we go to the Bakso place that we had yesterday.”

We slowly take a walk even though the leg started to ache. After 20 minutes, we reached the area. From afar, Jasz notice that the restaurant is closed. What we do is all in vain.

Lastly, we decided to go to Wong Solo. The place is just around the corner.

We had a Ayam Penyet as usual. The meal is so tasty and always be all time favorite meals here.

After done it, we tried to walk back to the hotel. But seems the place gone far and we found that we can’t find the right place anymore.

Then we asked 1 guy that we met in front of Best Kuta Villa.

“Your hotel is already too far. Whether you turn back and use the small road or you use main road but the place will be double far.” tells the guy.

We give up. “Is they any cab? How much to the hotel?”, asked us. “50,000idr usually”.

After bargain, we got for 30,000idr. We agreed and the guy that actually the cab driver, drove us back to the hotel.

This is not the end of our survival. To be continue.. šŸ™‚

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