Stranded in Bali Pt 1

Thursday, 5th Nov 2015

I couldn’t barely sleep last night. Same goes to Jas. The room is not cold even equipped with air conditioning. When we lie down on the bed , our body itchy and I doubt there is a termite in bed. Mosquitoes fly in the room. What the hell is this place?

Because there is no free breakfast at the hotel, we ate instant noodle which we bought yesterday at the Indomaret. And there’s nothing we do today. So we just watch TV and surf the Internet while keeping to check update on current flight schedule.

Boredom to the max, we go out and decided to find our dinner as well. And we certain to walk through the narrow road with handwriting “beach” signboard the we found yesterday. Less than 15 min, we reached the main road that we tooks nearly an hour to get here yesterday!

Our fault to hear the advice from the local yesterday. We have no idea why the guy need to deceived us this way. Or else, he don’t get what we asked for. Here, even though we barely understand the local, but because of different accent sometimes is it not translate well.

Once we get to the main road, we asked the nearest way to the beach. We need to walk inside Centro Shopping Mall (Discovery Mall) and the end of the mall, we’ll saw the beach.

We are so happy to see the Kuta Beach!






If only we bring our swimwear, we can get in the beach. At this times, many people enjoy the beach activities such as surfing and many more.

Eventually the local from Bali Sea Turtle Society (BSTS) organize an event to release a 1 day old baby turtle to the sea. Wonder if the babies could able to live til adult as usually others sea lives will eat the baby turtle.

We walked on the coast until we are tired . Sit for a moment in front of the street of Hard Rock Cafe while cleaning the sand beach at the foot .

“In front of there is a halal food stalls. Let’s eat there, okay? ”

“Yes. It does not matter to eat anywhere. So hungry.. ”

So we walked back to the place. We found 1 stall that we certain halal. So we order:

4 seafood fried rice ( 25,000idr each )
4 drinks ( approx 8,000idr )
Salted Fish Sauce ( 40,000idr )
10 satay ( 25,000idr )

For satay , we paid separately to the next stall .


Pic above : Satay that we ordered. Small if compare to Malaysia’ s satay. The taste is like peanut sauce.

In total we paid except satay is IDR 220,000 . On the way back to the hotel , we calculate the price that we eat . If we follow , it costs only 172,000idr . Why do we pay 220,000idr ? Excessive in 48,000idr . RM15 if convert !!

We give in. This is our fault for we do not ask well with the stall owner about the price calculation . In this critical time , even 48,000idr is very valuable .

That night there was no activity we do. To be continue tomorrow ..

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