Stranded in Bali Pt 3

Saturday. 7th Nov 2015

I can’t believe that I’ll woke up again at Suris. Both night I couldn’t sleep well and at last I’m here again. Thank you Allah.

Our phone ringing. Most probably from room next door.

“Kabupaten..”, sounds of hilarious from Adik when I greet that way.

“Haha. Do you guys already wake up? Let’s have a breakfast. The Cafe is nearly full”, tells Adik.

“Okay then. We’ll get ready first”, reply me.

After few minutes, we saw Adik stood still in front of our room. Waiting for us.

Today’s breakfast is Indonesian Cuisine. We had been served Nasi Goreng, Fried Instant Noodles, fried eggs, sauce chicken (like sambal), vegetables and they also have toast.

There’s nothing we do today. Just watching TV lying on the bed.

Murtabak and Terang Bulan

“Bapak bought us food!”, said Razif to us. Bapak is so generous. He knows that we are in trouble so get something for us to eat.

Bapak bought Murtabak and Terang Bulan or in Malaysia we called it Apam Balik. This murtabak is super delicious. So much stuffed inside the Murtabak. We love it much!

For Terang Bulan, delicious too! The taste is nearly the same but this is more fluffy. There’s nothing stuff inside, only chocolate. In Malaysia, it is stuffed with sweet corn and peanut. Chocolate is special optional.


Above is the boxes of food. Murtabak is half finished cause it’s too delicious.

So we enjoyed it so much. Later after that, since this is not enough for our dinner (haha), we go out and find the food for dinner.


We walked to the Kuta town and entered 1 Shopping Mall but I can’t remember the place. And I found this hilarous Chocolate!

Cokelat Obat Stress > Cure the Stress

Cokelat Gawat Darurat > When got Emergency

Cokelat Tolak Miskin > Less Poverty

The best part is, they have a presciption like normal medicine. Hahaha.

That’s all for today. We go back and have a soundly sleep that night. For today is our last day stay at Suris, we have to stay completely in here. Lol.

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