Stranded in Bali Pt 4

Sunday, 8th Nov 2015


As planned, we will check out today and we just overnight in the Airport until next morning. I keep checking my email, whether have any changes again with my schedule. But so far, there’s nothing that i receive.

After breakfast, just lying on the bed, watching TV. Bapak came sharp at 12 in the afternoon, right after we checked out.

Before heading to Airport, we ask Bapak to bring us to Krishna, the place to bought the sourviners. Then.Then we straight to the Airport.

Oh by the way, before we reach at the Airport, Bapak drove us to local stalls to have a lunch.

2.30 pm

Arrived at the airport. We asked Bapak to pray for us as well, hope this time will be as planned. We just find the place to sit and we did find it. Just at the corner and not many people there.

Tick tock tick tock… Time flies to slow.

6.30 pm

Jasz asked me to accompany her watch a TV at the 2nd floor. We just sat on the floor and watching mute movie. Have couple of person join us too.

Then we heard an announcement.

“We are sorry to inform that due to Volcano Eruption of Mount Barujari, Airport Ngurah Rai will be closed on Sunday 9.30 pm until Monday 8.45 am”

What??? Our flight is tomorrow at 6 am and obviously it will be cancel!!!

We ran to find Adik and Razif. This is more ridiculous. We want to go back!



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