Stranded in Bali Pt 5

Monday, 9th Nov 2015

1.00 am

We pushed our trolley to the Air Asia counter. After the long queue, when we reached the counter, the staff said, “This is lane for flight to Melbourne. Your flight’s counter will be open on 4 am”

Soo happy. :p

Then we find a place to sleep before the counter open back on 4 am.

4.30 am

My sleep distracted when I saw many people ran with trolley to get to the queue. Jasz take fastest action and line up. At last we get 4th turn in the line.

“Your flight is not cancel yet, just delay. We need to check again after airport reopen on 8.45. It’s still depends on situation”

“But, we will assist to check on the baggage first. If the flight cancelled, we will return back”

This words broke our heart.

“You may waiting at the Departure Hall, in front of Immigration Check Point”

After that, we heading to the said place. Waiting at the corner, people getting more and more. We just pray that the flight will be resume.

7.30 am

Our flight resumed!! But delay at 8.45 am.


11.45 am

We safely landed KLIA 2 International Airport. I just feel like I want to kiss the airport’s floor (but i didn’t). Haha.

This is all the stories behind all the things happen for this trip. We are happy, get excited, sad, nervous. All the feeling mix.

Thank you Allah for this money-can’t-buy experience. We love it indeed 🙂

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