Krabi Day 1

Friday. Mar 25th, 2016

Passport : Checked
Itinerary : Checked
Boarding Pass : Checked
Hotel Booking Confirmation : Checked
Converted Currency : Checked

All complete yeay yeay!

Most of us working halfday today except me and Jas. Things just completely packed this morning and we plan to meet up at 1pm to the airport.

Following things just a suggestion :

Few blouse, tshirts and trunk
Sun block Cream
Sunshade if have.

1.15 pm

Adik’s family just arrived to pick us up and we drove to Putrajaya Sentral. Our plan is to park at the place and take ERL to the airport.

Obstacle : To find indoor parking haha

We arrived the place on time but couldn’t find the parking. Fau told that outdoor parking is fullhouse. We tried to get in but the ticket machine is not working.

Then we turn back to find the indoor parking. There is no sign board. After traffic light, Institut Kanser Negara on left but we go straight instead of turn right. We just go round and round and wasting nearly 15 minutes.

Actually we have to take right after the traffic light, then it will show the sign to the parking area. Sigh.

Arrived there but the ticket machine for outdoor carpark is not working. Oh my goodness! Then we try to get in to the indoor carpark and pull off the cone divider. And the machine works!

We run quickly and no sign as well to the ERL on the elevator. Oh oh my. Fortunately we ask someone then at last, we found it.

Just arrived the ERL ticket counter and the time remaining for the next train to arrive is 1 min. Obviously we can’t catch up and need to wait for next train.

Fare to KLIA 2 is RM9.40 one way. Estimate 25 minutes journey.

Around 3pm

Since we left the train, we have to wait 30 min for next round. Passenger is not load if compare to other public transport and the time is exactly as schedule.

This is my first time ride on this ERL. It was so cozy inside with wide seat and the baggage compartment on each disembark door but it’s too high for me. Lol.

Obstacle 2 : Final Call

Journey go smooth and we arrived at the airport around 15 to 4pm. Just thought that we were on time but actually had an announcement for final call flight which is our flight!

For that time, I don’t know that we’ve been calling for last call and i’m rushing to the bank. Received a call from adik that our gate will be close shortly and all boarding pass is here with me. Oh gosh. Run again!

So Runningman program starts here. We check in baggage in the emergency lane and go in to the terminal. You know how long to walk in through terminal when you’ve been there and we ask the staff to ride us on buggy.

The buggy service is just halfway. Then we need to check in again for hand luggage for second time and run to the Gate 19. It was so soo tired and Ziqri enjoy the run until he spill “Penatnya. Nak dukung..” Hahaha

His daddy took him and run again. Until we get to the gate and I heard, “Kak Zue!”. It was Fau! Haha. So shame that my reaction look like monkey lol.

We greet each other and starts to chat about the things that happen since this morning. Fau keep laughing and repeating the story that she cannot tahan to look at my face when she saw me running to the place. Lol. Stop it haha.

Couple of minutes, the gate open and we line up. Then we go in as usual and find the seat.

Engaging Captain Announcement


The flight took off timely and the Captain make announcement as this is normal routine before take off.

But this time, it was so different as the announcement is so engaging. Unlike other plain Captain Announcement, he delivered it in very enjoyable and entertaining way, in English with American accent.

He will starts speak in Malay Language with pantun.He described our flight path and what to anticipate in more details that other pilots will do, especiallly for such short flight.

I found him sincerely human when he said”Hi, this is your tour guide again (how can that be haha). We are passing through Port Klang in the height of 31,000 feet and you may see it from left window” and this is go on when we pass through Pangkor, Penang,  Thai border until we arrived destination.

He was so full of pantun and last one is tickles me much. Im not so sure the whole sentences but the last is “Jangan cakap Captain tak payung” wahaha.

I am always amazed by people like Captain Shahar who put a lot of passion and effort in whatever they do.  He does not merely deliver his main service of flying passengers from one point to another, but goes extra miles by making effort to engage people in very human way.

When disembark, I really hope to see the captain that normally won’t show up. But he was so wonderful that he joined flight attendants waving passengers good bye, thanking them for fly AirAsia and wish a good day. Aren’t he cool?

5.30 pm (local)

We arrived safely and things that happen inflight keep refresh my mind. I tried to memorize all the words and smile alone. Wake up wake up! Haha

Right after immigration check in and collected baggage, we go straight to the bus counter. For 1 van cost 1050thb and bus is just 150thb per person. To save cost, we take a bus.

Bus to Aonang

After more than an hour, we arrived at Aonang and it’s going dark now. We swift to minivan as the road to hotel is narrow and finally we get in around 7.30 pm

Takes couples of minutes for check in rooms and ours are side by side. We rent a motorbikes as well for 200thb per day.


We ride our scooter to the place we spotted from the bus before. Have a few halal stall just in front big Mosque and we had our dinner here. It was exhausted and super hungry day. Most of us ate Fred Rice and it was so delicious for just 50thb and my first time to taste Green Milk Tea for 20thb.


Island Tour Package

Then we are full and wander around to survey for Island Tour. Most of the place offer good price but we go for the tour counter below Ao Nang Palace hotel in front convenient store.

So the lady gives good price among others and we book straight away. The tour as per below :

26 Mar – Full day tour to Hong Island (4 island with lunch)
27 Mar – Half day tour for Kayak
28 Mar – Half day tour to Emerald Pool

Cost for all is 1550thb per person.

After settled all the booking, we just go back to the hotel to get a rest. It was long day for us but quite nice to start the journey here.

Time for sleep. Thank you for reading patiently and please bear for next entry. Haha

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