Krabi Day 2

26 Mar 2016. Saturday

I woke up when the sunlight comes through the curtains. Just 6 in the morning but it was very sunny . Still early to get up as drivers tour will pick us up at 8:30.

We had breakfast at the hotel cafe. They served white rice , fried vegetables , fried noodles, cereal, bread.

The tour guide came to collect us on time and we just finish our meal. The we drove to the Big Fish on main road and all the tourist under same tour will gather and wait for next order.

The weather was very hot but after the boat ride ,strong wind hit the boat.


Before the tour


At the last island before we go back

We were taken to four islands or coastal areas. Each area, they left to do beach activities around more than 1 hour.

Our tour this time really different with the previous tour guide. He was not friendly , not to mention no smile at all to all of us. Sitting in boat also have to be careful, and always sit in balancing position for maintaining boat alignment. But the way he brief to us, no friendly tone at all.







If the journey a little further, we sat down with so orderly and sleep with a good position. Tour guide will sit at the end of the boat and would not miss the view towards us. I do not know why he was like that haha.
We were given lunch in the third island. Lunch is white rice , chicken with soy sauce , fried vegetables and melons .Bottle water is given only once , unlike the first tour where we can take a bottle of water and beer(for those who drink) with no limit and keep offering to us.

But certainly, he looks fierce. If we want to ride the boat earlier than the time, he would prop up the stairs so we could not go up. Wahaha.


Take a wefie after lunch, waiting in front of boat as the guide refuse us to go inside. Haha




Take a picture after arrived Ao Nang. The drivers from main road keep waiving to us ask to quick. Lol




On the way back to hotel. All was so white right? Haha. This is because the day is too hot



After take a nap at the hotel, we went out looking for dinner and stopped at Tesco Lotus. Just looking for a light snack. Tesco is located in main road of Aonang, 5 minutes after the mosque.


This is just for today and will continue on next entry. 🙂

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