Travel Superstition

While on board, I’m reading a book and 1 of the article catches my attention. It’s about ritual or travellers superstition. So here we go for the stories.

Story 1 : Lemang to share

I’m not sure whether this is practiced by all Indonesian but I believe some part of places would do. Based on stories, this happen in Balik Papan. The traveller had a 15 hours journey ride from Banjar Masin to Balik Papan and suddenly the car broke down.

The driver went out to check what happen to the car. Apparently, one of the passanger asked accusingly, “Did anyone bring along lemang?”(sticky rice cooked in bamboo culm). Another passanger who looked like she’d just remember something, sheepishly retreived her big duffel back of the minivan. After a bit of rummaging, she bashfully revealed a lemang stash. And she throwed the lemang out of windows. In not the time at all, the driver started the engines and resumed the journey. Instead of congratulating the drivers, the passangers chided the women for the bringing the lemang on the journey.

The other passangers told that it had drawn the attention of the spirits who only let them go after receiving their dua share.

Story 2 : Bed Position

Some of travellers are concerned on the position of bed in hotel rooms. They will make a beeline for the bed and check it’s allignment with the door and the mirror.

If the bed faces the door, they will reposition the the pillow so that they don’t sleep facing it. What a more frequently are the mirror facing bed. They will take great length to remedy this by draping a blanket or towel over the mirror. Some believe that sleeping facing the mirror or feet pointing towards the door would hanging the bad luck.

According to feng shui, sleeping with position brings bad luck and drains your energy. So, travelers out there, if you have this superstition, you are not alone anymore.

Story 3 : Knock the door

Based on story from frequent traveler, he saw 1 man that just check in beside her room, paused for a moment. He rapped on the door rhythmically, as communicating merge code. She witnessed the strange performance as he knock the door.

Why did he knock on the door when clearly there is no one in?

A month later, she was so surprised to observe similar ritual when she for for holidays with friend. She asked why? Apparently, it was to announce their arrival to the room’s unseen occupant. You may snigger at a thought of superstition believe, but many travelers did this and set to follow the rules upon arrival.

This is a part of the stories. If you feels creepy, me too. Believe it or not, up on you. 🙂



Prologue Bali Oct 2015

Tomorrow we will going to Bali ! Yayyy !!

It’s a bit like pre blogs to share preparation and what I was doing before go to Bali . It’s more to share the things I planned , ticket prices , packages and hotel I book in advance and cost as well.

Ticket :

So , we start with the ticket . Since the plan was last minute, so I bought a month earlier than the date of the holiday. If before this I often go vacation with Jasz, this time her sister with hubs tag along.

Certainly the cheapest tickets is from Air Asia. It is not cheap but was okay if compared with MAS . Tickets for 2 pax return with Meals and Luggage is RM940.16 (RM470.08 per pax)

Package for Tours and Driver : 

For the contact person for Tours and Driver, I got this from a friend who had used the services previously. From the experience of friends , the service is satisfied, in terms of price and customer service. LOL haha. Plus, when we compared , it is a little cheaper than the others .

Name : Pak Yanto
Contact : +62 817-556-488

Here is the example for the service offered (copy paste from original message) :


Airport Transfer 1 way : 80,000idr
Tour for 1 day : 400,000idr

Hotel :

For hotels , we arrived Bali at the night time, so we spend the night in hotels around the airport. Only 600 meters away from the hotel .

Airport Kuta Hotel and Residences (not confirm) : 1 night

airport 1airport 2

Suris Boutique Hotel : 3 nights

suris suris1

Total Cost (more to total lost) per pax 

Air Ticket : RM470.08

Package for Tours and Driver : 320,000idr (RM101.12)

Hotel : 550,000idr (RM173.80)

Total spend as for now : RM745

*note :

  • 1,000,000idr equals to RM316 (real time rate)
  • Price is more or less

Done for prologue. Will update blog in Bali soon Insya Allah.

The excitement will begin 🙂




Dinner in Chili’s

Last Friday (23 Oct 2015) , my office is relocated and we have celebrate by having a dinner at Chilli’s Restaurant,Jaya Mall Petaling Jaya.

The food was good with big portion meal. What I loved the most is the starter of CLASSIC NACHOS and SKILLET QUESO. Really nice and i’m full even before had my meal.

c1 c2

These 2 is very nice, rich and won’t stop you to eat. Recommended starter.


Pic 3 : Meal that I choose


Pic 4 : Meal that I received. Change the corn cob to fries

c5 c6 c7

Overall, the food is okay, ambiance is nice, cozy place and fast service. 🙂


A’Famosa Resort 24 Oct 2015


This is my recent trip. A Famosa Resort again! So, this trip is planned by me and my brothers. In the first place, we are planning to go to Sungkai but unfortunately, the room is full house. So the plan is changing to Bukit Merah, cancelled because too far, and change again to Tambun Ipoh, cancelled as too far as well and change to Gambang. Enough of this as everyone of us gives different ideas, so my father decided just to go to A Famosa.


Pic 1 : On our way to A Famosa

Around 12.30 noon on 24 Oct 2015, we drive off to Malacca. The traffic is good and we arrived at 2.30pm. Pais (my 2nd brother) booked the 2 bedroom condo hotel at the price of RM452. Actually online booking or tele-reservation is more expensive than the price if you walk in directly. If i’m not mistaken, for the same room, rate for online is RM500+

Mama brought the food that she cooked before hand. We have Rendang, Chicken Curry and rice, Pais brought Mee Goreng and Abangah and me just junk food and Red Velvet bite cake. So after having lunch, we are going to the pool. 🙂


Pic 2 : Living room for the Condo Hotel. Quite spacious and cozy


Pic 3 : Eat, eat eat (sorry for the pic quality)


Pic 4 : My Red Velvet with Cream Cheese


Pic 5 : Bedroom


Pic 6 : Bedroom


Pic 7 : View from the balcony. Raining afternoon 🙂


Pic 8 : Abangah and his families


Pic 9 : My brothers back from pool

This is all for the short trip. All of us enjoy ourselves even though most of them just sleep on the floor with thin blanket. 🙂




I have a weight problem. And I totally understand how it feels when we have a desire (keep on and off) to settle this problem and live a healthier life. So , this post just awareness for me and what i’m found when searching for the ways to lose weight. Therefore , the most exciting way that I found are calorie plus exercise diet.

Based on all the information i’ve gain, suffering yourself not to eat is the worst thing. You can eat what you want but you need to know what you eat and how much you take.

First of all, you need to know your BMI (Body Mass Index). All below example is based on true story (mine actually hahaha)


Underweight : Your BMI is less than 18.5

Healthy weight : Your BMI is 18.5 to 24.9

Overweight : Your BMI is 25 to 29.9

Kindly refer this to check directly on your BMI.

So, my BMI is 28.4 and it’s fall under Overweight.

My plan are :

  1. To check how much calories that I need based on my BMI
  2. To check how much calories my body needs in order to change my BMI
  3. To examine and calculate how much calories that I need to take (based on meal)

I will continue again for more details about this. 🙂


Krabi Oct 2014 Pt. 3


This will be the last post for Krabi.

We had a Island Hoping tour, but i’m seriously not remember the name of the island that we went. 😦 So, reminder for myself, take down all the information in hands, and it will be easier when updating the blog. 🙂


Pic 1 : 1 of the beautiful island.


Pic 2 : Long floating rubber as a bridge. Our boat will be waiting in the end of this bridge.


Pic 3 : Giant shell that has been found when tsunami hits this place.

On our last day, we find hotel that just in front of beach area. We are not book any in advance as we need to check the place first. Except for Maleedee hotel.

So at last we found, The Palace of Ao Nang Hotel. This is just simple, basic hotel. Just 5 minutes walk from the beach.

We are fully aware that we will get what we pay. But, this place is worst of all. 😦 Here we go 1 by 1 :

1. My room located in the highest floor, if i’m not wrong, 4th level. No lift at all. Need to carry all the luggage. Good of backpackers, but we are not.

2. Have TV, but can’t switch on. Receptionist told that the tv is faulty, no signal at all.

3. Bed hard like wood, have stain on the blanket

Besides that, there are also advantages like the place is near to shops, beach and restaurant. We also can view beach from the balcony. It’s okay, just 1 day. 🙂



Pic 4 and 5 : View from balcony of busy road, beach and upper view.

This is all for now. I will update more details such as cost and where to book the hotel plus the place of interest as well on my next trip. Hope this post will brought to you more information.

Gracias 🙂


Krabi Oct 2014 Pt. 2

Hi All,


Pic 1 : Taken from thousand feet of height over the cloud.

As a cheap-budget-not-so-frequent traveler, this is my very first time flying with MAS. Many things need to be thankful of in terms of free meals in flight and the space of your seat as well. I’m not referring or comparing to any other airlines as I understand that I will get what I’m paying off.

But, in terms of “Free Meals for flight more than 60 minutes”, this is really excites me!(seriously from the bottom of my heart). So, you don’t have to pretend to sleep when you are not order any meals when you saw others ate the meals. This is just equal and happiness that all of us having meals together. LOL. Enough for this. 🙂

This is the continued post for previous “Krabi Oct 2015” post. I will share some pictures that has been taken when I was there.

On my second day, I went to Krabi town night market. Went by pick up, and it is just cost few baht. So we have our dinner of Somtam (Thai signature dish) and light meals. We also bought souvenirs and you will save more if you buy here, rather than in the Ao Nang.


Pic 2 : Place that we had our dinner. In Krabi, you are not allowed to use any Styrofoam for food. All of food here served in paper-based container. We are watching a singing performance.


Pic 3 : One of a sweet treat that been sell here.

This is what we done and we get back to hotel, using same transport. Reached hotel around 11, ate some food and we went to bed. Done for today.

Will be continue for the last post of Krabi 🙂